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Scheduling Your First Appointment?

You can download and fill out our patient application form and bring it in with you to your first appointment.

Please complete this health questionnaire before your scheduled appointment. Dr. Jace will review it with you at the time of your initial visit.

Click here to download the questionnaire.


Have you ever wondered why your vitamins, minerals, medicines, homeopathics, detox program, candida diet, vegetarian, blood type or high protein diet is making you sicker and your friends better? Or that your constant pain is getting worse even though you have been to the finest pain specialists money has to offer?

The truth is that you can eat the best organic foods, take the finest supplements and detox programs, follow the most intense pain rehab treatments, get plenty of rest and fluids, and still feel lousy!

The answer is that each person has an individual bio-chemical make-up and what might be good for one person could actually create a deficiency or imbalance in another!

At Jace Wellness we address all of these factors with the very latest in blood, urine, and saliva laboratory testing, metabolic nutritional testing, and the best treatments from all systems of ancient and modern medicine tailor made for your constitution. Then these problems are treated in a multi-stage program that allows the body to get the right treatment at the right time for the body to tolerate and utilize them. Only then will you see results!


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