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Total Care, Innovation, Compassion & Excellence

Feel safe, satisfied and trust in our Natural treatments. It’s the expectation of success that we strive for.
– Dr. Craig Jace

Beyond the Prescription Pad

At Jace Wellness Center, we provide a ‘one stop’ holistic clinic with the most complete and best treatments available to enhance and improve your health needs.

For over 30 years, we have proudly served the Los Angeles and surrounding SoCal area with patients visiting us from all over the state and country. As the premier choice for alternative care, we value our patients’ individual needs.

Jace Wellness is well versed and trained in all types of holistic medicine, ranging from Eastern, Natural and Western Conventional Treatments.

Dr. Craig Jace founded Jace Wellness Center, Inc. on a principle of compassion and personalized care.

‘Cutting Edge treatments for the Endocrine, Immune or Hormonal Imbalance are within reach’.


We offer a variety of different therapies to meet your particular needs.

Injectable Therapies for Osteoarthritis, DJD, Herniated Disks, Herpes, and Shingles.

Nutrition and You

You want to lose weight, so you try your best friend’s diet. She lost 35 pounds quickly, but you can’t seem to shed an ounce.

Your friend, the vegetarian thrives on pasta and vegetables and has boundless energy. But when you imitate his diet, your energy plummets and you can hardly drag yourself out of bed.

With this leading-edge dietary technology you may:

Hormone Replacement

Natural Prescription Hormone Replacement for Endocrine Imbalances

Natural (bio-identical) hormone therapy involves restoring hormones that are “natural” to the human body. Our philosophy is to supplement only with natural hormones, and only in the dose necessary to restore hormones to their normal or optimal levels to achieve and maintain hormone balance.

Hear what our trusted patients have to say

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Fawn A. Los Angeles, CA.
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"He is a life changer, and if you have gone to other Doctors or specialists, I highly recommend you try Dr. Jace!"
Dea W.Sante Fe Springs, CA.
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“Finally, we found a doctor who could help my wife!!!!! Dr. Jace knew just what to do holistically to help my wife's hormonal problems. I am very knowledgeable about holistic health and quite studied, but Dr. Jace really impressed even me! He has many degrees and awards from a lifetime of study, pursuit of wisdom and accomplishments in the medical field.…..this is the Doctor and the Jace Wellness Center is the place!”
Lauren S. Thousand Oaks, CA.
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“Dr. Jace is fantastic. I have been coming here for several years, and now my entire family sees him too. He's the only Dr. that was able to diagnose my hashimotos thyroid disease. He actually listened to me, and didn't simply dismiss me saying everything was fine. I feel so much better since I started coming here. I sleep a normal amount now and have enough energy to exercise and work. His staff is great too. Highly recommend!”

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