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Program for Chronic Disease And Pain Management

Our Goal

At Jace Wellness we are dedicated to providing you with personalized service and the best that Holistic/Alternative and Conventional Medicine has to offer. Our goal is to educate you regarding your body to becoming and staying healthy. The end result we strive for is a “you” who is healthier and who has learned to listen to what your body is telling you.

What Makes Us Different

There are many Holistic and Alternative Medicine Doctors and all of them use a different approach in understanding your body and its needs. What makes our approach different is that it stresses the importance of in-house and outside laboratory testing to determine what your body needs. Regardless of what your condition is, your body’s chemistry is different than someone that may have your same complaint or problem.

Dr Jace uses different tests that are specific to understanding the balance of your own body. He developed a special way of interpreting these tests so as to make them more accurate. We believe that guessing what foods, supplements, or treatment to undergo will not produce professional results. Testing is also the best way to understand how much of a supplement to take, when and how to detox the body, or to rebuild organ function.

Some doctors and nutritionists order many tests that can cost thousands of dollars. We know that this is not necessary to understand your treatment needs. Our method uses fewer tests than most doctors would use. The initial tests that we require are in-house, simple, and non-invasive except for blood sugar testing, and are included in the initial fee.

Our Approach Makes Sense

Years ago, Dr. Jace began to understand why treatment programs fail. He discovered that there exists a specific sequence to healing the body. If this sequence or order is not followed, the body responds poorly or not at all.

If there is a chronic disease in the body such as yeast, parasites, Epstein Barr virus, Lyme disease, etc., the body’s immune function is exhausted. With these chronic illnesses, Endocrine/ Hormonal, and Nervous System Syndromes are in dysfunction as well.  If these and other problems exist at the same time, compromised immunity disallows the body’s ability to correct the dysfunction.  Only when your hormones and nervous system is functioning well will you be able to detox and eliminate the infections. So you have to first correct the Endocrine and Autonomic Nervous System in most Chronic Illnesses.  If not done properly, the patient will become worse as their immune function continues to falter.

After the Neuroendocrine system is functioning properly, it would be appropriate to start a cleansing and/or detoxification program so the body is prepared to absorb the nutrients needed to heal it. Now the body will be able to repair and rebuild like an engine that had an overhaul. It will then gladly accept nutrients and treatment rather than getting sick from them.

Initial Program For Regaining Your Health

Your initial visit will consist of a comprehensive work-up, which includes a conventional, holistic, nutritional, and homeopathic history and physical exam. Allow at least two hours for your first visit.  Your initial visit can be on any of the days our clinic is open.   

The initial program also includes in-house scientific, diagnostic testing to objectively look at your bodily systems. These would include analyzing the autonomic nervous system, hormone system, oxidative stress, electrolyte balance, acid/alkaline state of the body, fatty acid/sterol balance, protein digestive capacity, sediment, and cell membrane permeability. In about 1 week, you will return for a follow up visit or arrange for a phone consult regarding these findings and recommendations for treatment. So your program will be based on looking at your body from Conventional, Homeopathic, Energetic, and Natural Treatment Testing. Truly a Holistic approach not available at other clinics!

The data produced provides us with a wealth of information about how to treat your specific health problems from a scientific, objective view as well as a subjective, empirical energetic view. After a nutritional, food, and treatment plan is set up for you, return visits are generally every six weeks to several months. Patients with chronic pain will be seen more frequently for pain management. Patients receiving injection therapies will also be seen more frequently. Many times your program will need to be adjusted as your body changes. This is the main purpose for follow-up visits. Outside laboratories are not included in the initial fee if used (which could include blood, urine or saliva testing).

Personalized Programs

Many people attempt to create their own treatment and nutritional programs based on what they have read in books or magazines. But you have a unique biochemistry. Every human being does. A generalized, guesswork approach to treatment and nutrition can be harmful and costly. Our program is a much better way to give you a concrete measurement of what you’re experiencing and how it is affecting your overall health.