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Jace Wellness Center


Do you often wake up unrested? Are you sensitive to cold temperatures? Difficulty losing weight? Lack of energy and drive? Recurring migraines or headaches?

Combining the best in alternative and conventional medicine, at Jace Wellness Center, we offer ‘state of the art’ individualized holistic treatments to treat various health conditions.

Our unique approach to testing is to fully understand the balances of your body which will give us the methodology to understand the appropriate supplements, detox options, while rebuilding and optimizing organ function.

With over 30 years of practice, our clinic sets us apart from other Holistic and Alternative Doctors. It is in our integrative approach to both in-house and outside laboratory testing, and about understanding and interpreting these tests to better formulate a personalized program.

If there is a presence in the body of Chronic diseases such as; Yeast, parasites, Epstein Barr virus, Lyme Disease, Thyroid, Fibromyalgia etc, this exhausts the body’s immune function.  All of which impacts your Endocrine, Hormonal and Nervous system. These syndromes and dysfunction creates chronic illnesses and if left untreated, immune functions continue to falter and so does the quality of your lifestyle.

What to expect at Jace Wellness Center

"Passionate to get to the root of the problem. Honest and direct with treatment."

Upon your initial visit, you can expect a comprehensive physical examination which includes a conventional, holistic, nutritional and homeopathic workup.

(Please allow 2 hours for your first visit)

During the visit, an initial program that includes in-house scientific and diagnostic testing will take place. All aimed to objectively analyze the bodily systems which include the following:


Within 1 week, you will return for your follow-up visit or arrange for a virtual or telephonic consultation to discuss the results and recommendations for treatment.

Your journey to conventional and holistic health begins today at Jace Wellness Center.

Here is a list of some of our Comprehensive Natural Treatments we offer: